3DSTATE Public Software Archive 
Our public software archive is divided into 3 sections.
   1- Development SDKs (3D Developer Studio). For programmers only !
   2- Tools and converters (3DS Max converters etc)
   3- 3D Editors. For building 3D worlds. No programming is needed.

Licensing Policy
Any commercial use requires a license. Universities and schools may use our public software archive freely. For more information click here.
Commercial Product Archive
Access to our commercial software archive is only granted to licensed users. Click here to find out about the prices of our latest products.

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 3D Developer Studio
Add 3D programming power to your favorite compiler
 Converters & Tools
Large collection of tools and converters, specially written for 3DSTATE.
 3D Editors
Design and build 3D environment. No programming is needed.