3DSTATE official forum
www.3DNEWS.com is the 3DSTATE official forum. The forum is supported by 3DSTATE users community. We would like to thank everyone that takes part in the forum and helps us help other programmers.
For any technical question this should be the first place to post a question. We encourage every member of our community to help us by logging into the forum and answer questions of other members of the community. We have around 200 new users of our 3D development Studio every day and around 150000 users altogether. By posting your questions on the forum you allow other people that might have a similar issue to read the answer to your question. If you have posted a question and did not get an answer within 24 hours, please email us and we will make sure that one of the 3DSTATE developers enters the forum and answers your question.

The forum is not censored. 3DSTATE is not responsible for web surfers' comments in the forum.

To enter the forum simply go to: www.3DNEWS.com