Read some of our developers' comments. 
  • I've been checking out your 3DSTATE program for a few months now and I'm extremely impressed. The fact that you have written most of the software with the idea of keeping things as simple as possible for the programmer is something that no other 3D engine has. You keep things simple and that makes your engine truly great. I am in the process of creating a gothic-horror game called "Shadowfall", and 3DSTATE is what I have decided to use for it.…Wonderful job on 3DSTATE! Keep up the great work!
    - Jonathan Morris,
    Labyrinth Pictures Interactive

  •  .... I am BLOWN away at the speed and the smoothness of your engine. Wow!. I want to build some 3D games, and had done some research on the internet for an inexpensive 3D engine. I've tried several others and so far yours is the best! 
    Sy Ratjavong

  • We are testing your product it´s easy to use and we are getting good results in short time. But as Mr. Otto toled you, we are concidering to use it for something like a game. Therefor my question is, do you have a demo which supports a joystick? If you do where can we get it (via E-Mail or download it)?
    An other question of us is the Voodoo-support of your demos. Do you have versions which support the Voodoo-I. We are looking forward to your answer. 
    Yours faithfully,
    Felix Olderdisse
    BSB Software Buero

  • ….I will use tools you send to me to build a good 3d world.
    I am so glod to get such a good tool.
    thank you over and over! …

  • …I believe yours is one of the best engines I have seen for outdoor rendering. ….I will write more as I develop more with your engine on my current game.

  • I must say I am very impressed with the software in general. It compiled right away under MS C++ 5 and has a high frame rate …It's outside graphics are so good they remind me of Un-Real …. I am familiar with Crystal Space open source and will attempt to bring some of what I have learned regarding characters to my 3DSTATE game, which will be called 'Terry Smith's Fur City: Regimental Combat League - In the future War is the Ultimate Sport' It will take place in a huge arena, leaving ample room for your ads... :-)
    Thanks for a great piece of work and a clever idea.

  • I was actually so impressed by your presentation that I did something unheard of to me (sorry I like the idea of a one man show) and asked someone who had a good VC background to look into your engine / SDK. At first glance he said WOW! so I know what I suspected at first on my limited experience with "real code" and your presentation held true. It is solid. Both he and I are off on individual projects but can see where 3DSTATE goes from an artist to programmer standpoint. We plan to keep looking into it and hope to find a medium.
    Leon Wisocki

  • … Your engine is really great... Congratulations

  • The engine looked impressive. I downloaded a demo. Interesting stuff!
    - Khalid Shaikh

  • I will make a commercial game ….
    (of course I'll be making a game with 3DSTATE also ;-) 
    - Chris 'Senor_P' D

  •  Your gaming engine is one of the best ones that i have seen
    - Max

  • I'm interested in using your software to create 3D renderings of buildings in order to allow clients to walk around them in real time, such as you would in a game. I'm not interested in any game AI, such as is found in Quake or Half-life, just the ability to set up buildings and walk around. ….
  • hi ! i started to work on my project with 3DSTATE !
    i attached demo with my first steps !
    use arrow key's to turn arround !
    if you have some sugestions about please tell me what can i make better !

  • …Well i like your company's idea and i am most certainly interested in developing my next game project using 3DSTATE 3D …
    - Jason

  • Hi,The attachment file (balloon.GIF) is showing the screen capture of 3DSTATE's Balloon Demo… the 3D engine API is really easy for programmer to code ….

  • I started using 3DSTATE more and I really must say I started to find things easier. The Visual C++ 3DSTATE Add on made the whole window problem a lot easier. Thank you for the models too …
    - Christopher White

  • Hello 3DSTATE!My name is Bero.I'm member of your team for few days.I have been searching for a good engine everywhere.I came to your page and I found it.
    What do I think?Your idea is great. We made a game in your engine, and you sell it.It's very good and I will try to make something.I don’t want to make boring 3D race or shooter, role-play or fantasy game.I have better and unused great ideas. I would like to make sim-live in onebig virtual world. A long time ago I made something like sim-live in VisualBasic 3.0. It worked only on Windows 3.11. I have programming and 2D races.I work on one big project for 2 years. I made editor for 2D,graphics for 2D,Engine for 2D house (walking in house) and pictures for dialogs betweenMe and sheriff, mob, boss, usual, people, man in auto-repair center...
    But, my 2D engine was too slow, so I wanted to make something better.I didn't do anything in last few months because I want to make a game in 3D.During that time I made several business applications. Arcad got several rewards. ….
    - Bero
    Click here to see screenshots from Bero's game

  • Hi,The engine looks great !I may consider porting my game that im making in directx if your engine will ever support direct 3d rendering ?How long is it from supporting direct3d rendering ?Since , the 3dfx api is pretty much dead :Great Work.
    - Martin Wilson.

  • Dear Sirs: I downloaded your 3DSTATE WorldBuilder and tools and I´m very fascinated with them. I would like to know if there is any manual or tutorial available. I´m very interested in your product and would like to know it the best. I would like to create my own 3D application with 3DSTATE’s VR Engine,to produce games, presentations and training.
    Oswaldo Venturini
    Multimedia & Video Productions, C.A.
    General Manager

  • HelloI have just had a look at your 3d engine.It just looks great.A quick question.
    Can it be used in conjunction with VB6 on a Win 98 platform and are there samples available.
    Thanks and keep up the good work!!!!!

  • Hey! Acabo de entrar a la pagina web de tu empresa, me parece heavy la hueva ! La cago !! Mucha suerte y que les vaya muy bien con este negocio.
    Alejandro Bascunan

  • I want to build a space shooter, like the one featured in your screens...

  • I downloaded some of your (very cool) tools .."You have changed the destination folder when installing 3DSTATE's SDK. You must change the path in the chdir function in 'Form_Paint' to the new location." …
    Michael Starr

  • Hi I am in the process of creating a textures library for the 3DSTATE WorldBuilder. I was wondering if it could (once finished) be posted on ""? It will, once complete have around 100 textures for the 3DSTATE World Builder. ….Also when is the next newsletter is coming out.
    A Satisfied customer,
    Joel Maxwell

  • I will look into your SDKbecause it seemed to be very well developed and I sure don't mind advertising in a game I produce. Also, from an artist vs. programer standpoint: your SDK seemed to be very close to being an "Object Oriented" environment where individual objects might be programmed with an internal scripting language of 3DSTATE's own design. … There are a lot more 3D artists like myself out there who are interested in independent and commercial game development but just don't have a knack for code. That kind of set up in 3DSTATE could really help them.
    Thank You-
    Leon Wisocki

  • I'm business consultant located in Jerusalem. My son and myself have some ideas regarding 'parallel PC games'. Do you also developing new PC games or just acting in the Embedded Advertisements arena ?
    Best regards,
    Ami Zadik
    Inter Projects Ltd.
    Technology Park, Jerusalem

  • My associate and I have been coming up with ideas for how best to use your software to create a game. We have arrived at a decision and are starting to work on it. It will be some time before I can provide you with any screenshots or aworking version of the game. We're trying to see how far we can stretch the abilities of your library. I'll keep you posted as to our progress.
    Dustin Metzgar

  • Please help me get WorldBuilder - it seems to be SO much better than anything else I have seen available on the net, and I am keen to get started.
    -Minex Patel

  • i know programmers and 3d image creating types. I have VERY exciting ideas. I hope to complete a project and distribute it exclusively through you. However, if I turn out to be a failure at this and would like to keep the software to play with....could you quote me a price for the world builder 2.0 and 3DSTATE tools package 1.01 ...Thank you so much for making this possible!!!
    Yours sincerely
    Thomas K. Rohrer

  • Hi, many greetings from Germany. I will go to the Internet this week with an own server.It will be emphases Development, the name Developer Pro.If you interested are to be put a link onto your page then please,ascribe me so rapid as possible.We are indeed also occupied ourselves with your 3D Engine.
    mit vorzglicher Hochachtung
    best regards Michael Neitzel

  • I worked 3.5 years inn the video game industry as a 3D Aritst, credits in One Hotwheels and 2 Barbie Games. I have a few game concepts in mind and this looks like one way to get some of them produced.
    - Don Vinson

  • HelloMy name is Fred Rosenbaum. I am the Team Leader of the BattleCruiser3020AD Strike Pak. The Strike Pak is the First Person portion of Dr. Derek Smart's upcoming Game BattleCruiser 3020AD.While we are already using the Geometric Computing Infinite Motion II engine, I of course still seek out all that is going on in the 3D engine arena, thus I came on your web site.I have already recommended to several internet people I know, that they check your engine out.But, my question, and I hope you could give me some insight,concerns the Glide SDK and Voodoo3 cards.In testing, we have a number of individuals who report basically one oftwo things with Voodoo3 cards.
    1) The Strike Pak refuses to run with 3dfx, or D3D rendering.
    2) The program runs 3dfx fine until you exit, and then will lock up
    the computer, but D3D runs fine.We are currently using the Glide 2.x libraries, and have discovered useof the older April Glide DLL's offer better results than the July DLL's. …..
    BC:3020AD Strike Pak Team

  • ....we are a large company developing software for different platforms. Now to create a series of games and multimedia titles, we need a powerful engine. So we will be pleased to have any information regarding to your engine. Please send us the engine's price and licensing information for commercial use.
    With best regards
    Abdelazim Musavi
    Data Processing Iran Co.

  • Planned 3DSTATE Game
    When pondering what kind of game to make, I visited and noticed some of the most popular game are modern re-incarnations of old overhead shooters (like Galaga). So I thought it wouldn't it be cool to have a fully 3D overhead shooter, at an isometric angle. The good pointsof this type of game is that it won't be as massive as a 1st person game, so development time will be shorter (2-4 months, I estimate). Also the file size won't be huge - maybe 2-4 MB for the whole thing. Attachedis an simple exe showing an idea of what the worlds will look like, and how the movement will be. I guess my piece of code is the "moveShip" function in the main.cpp file. This models a ship with four "lifting" points below it, which sense the ground and respond accurately. You can move from side to side by shifting power between the left and right engines, and it will cause the ship to lean. It's pretty cool. The ship used in this demo is actually an airplane 
    - Mark Neumann

  • Hi,I have downloaded the SDK and must admit I am very impressed! I worked for a game development studio and know what it takes to make something this thorough ….
    - Christian Holmes

  • Hello, I am part of a team that is currently developing a game of our own, and I ran into your site by accident. … Thus, as you can imagine, your site caught my eye. I only have a few questions about the engine… your engine looks very fine and I wish you the best of luck.

  • I've been looking over your site, and I must say that I am quite impressed with what you are trying to accomplish for the shareware gaming community. I do have a couple of questions for you, which I hope won't be redundant to ones asked through your FAQ section or any other part of your web page.…Thanks for your time in answering these questions.
    Eric Pankoke
    Point Of Light Software

  • I have downloaded the World builder 3d 2000-2.This is the most exiting and useful freeware that i have tried, so thank you.…

  • I have recomended you to a few of my friends, and it looks like they are serious about developing for you! I have seen some of their outlines for plot and story, and it looks very nice. Hope that will help your business (I'm all for your corporate approach). Best of luck,

  • Hello again, I emailed a month or so ago about info and got it.. Thanks.
    I have come to the conclusion that we will more than likely heading on with our project with 3DSTATE. A few questions though, will the next version (3.0) have Visual Basic 6.0 support? Currently it is only at 1.1..
    Lastly, will the next VB version support multiplayer?
    M. Huston
    Maven Studios

  • I'm looking for some way to build games that are similar to SimCity. I've downloaded your excellent Tools and Builder programs ….
    Would you have any advice? Thanks for your time and attention.
    -Brian Johnston

  • …I was very impressed with the 3D graphics and the overall presentation of the software, although I have only downloaded some demonstrations, as I will wait for the release of the new upgrade with Delphi support to see what I can do with the 3DSTATE 3D Engine.
    Kind Regards
    David Gunstone

  • This very good software! I appreciate your hard work...

  • I have been testing the 3dstate engine, and i am impressed. It seems to offer very quick GUI interfacing with an ok IDE environment that enables me to rapidly create some stuff.
    - Stephen D

  • Hello great masters,
    I'm made a download of your world builder software and I love it. I'm having some ideas to use it. I'm intend to create a software which simulates a supermarket.
    I'll need it to create some products in the shelve with 3D view and so on... To make this I'm waiting for your Delphi SDK. Do you know when this will be available to download ?
    Best Regards
    Marcello Bacos Moreno

  • Hello!I downloaded your engine and tools and ... Those are cool things! I have waited for something like that for a long time. … i really like it. I use CorelDream 3D for the 3D design and i was wondering if you had a tool to put d3d files into the 3dstate's world. That would be really cool cuz i know how to use CorelDraw very well. Thank you for being in the right place at the right time...

  • You said you wanted comments... SM1 Looks good. The performance was definitely satisfying even in software. …., it was a nice example of what can be done with your stuff. Time for me to get to work on things... and see if I can come up with anything... Rob

  • Hello,I want to thank you so much for making a SDK for Borderland C++. Borderland is what my company currently owns and we were not in particular looking foward to buying Visual C++.Of course: we do have other game creation software (although most are non SDK's) but your's offers the possibilty of my company getting less money per game but reaching a wider audiance and gaining fans. We currently have a current project going using an other system (which the "customers" will pay for) but once that is done you can expect a game from us.
    Andrew Curioso
    President and CEO of IG3D

  • Man, I just emailed all of you people in 3DSTATE to say that you are the best company ever!! i mean... i still get kicked in the butt with 3DSTATE, but it´s a hell of a package... And the best: It´s for free!! It´s rare to find a decent game engine 4 free... well... it´s rare to find any game engine 4free... Keep it up dudes (or chicks). I have some killer ideas for games,

    Thanx for making such a great thing for such a low price..
    Daniel Siqueira