Visit my site at the Uppsala University to see my newest and downloadable games.

Here are som pictures from some of my many old games made using the 3DState engine.

Downloadable? I do have homework to do.

My labyrinth game.

They are here. They are waiting for you. They came to take your head.

My first game using the 3DState engine (Morfit 4).

The same game using the 3DState 6.0

The same game using the 3DState 7.01 Alpha are waiting for pixel shaders in the full version of 3DState 8 and will be downloadable when I get the time.

A simple game that took about a day to create.

I made this for school at the age of 18. It had about 5 square kilometers of detailed terrain but it does not work on todays computers or with the newer engines. I can modify the ground in gameplay.

My first FPS. The black corner are there because the flashing "STUDENT LICENSE COMMERSIAL USE IS ILLEGAL" is verry annoying.

The second one.

My third FPS are available for free at my site.